1998 toyota ipsum
1998 toyota ipsum
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Car Switches itself off while in motion 1998

Date:November 18, 2018, 3:54 am
Name, Location:Phila, Swaziland
Vehicle:Toyota Ipsum
Modification:E - SXM10G - ARSGK
General comments:Good morning. My Toyota Ipsum 1998 model fails while in motion. The problem seems to happen mostly when I apply breaks. It also switches itself off when I yank in either Drive or Reverse. It is a an automatic by the way. Yesterday, I changed the transmission oil and cleaned the Gear oil filter but the problem seemed to worsen. The car would drive a stretch without changing gears. When it does change the gears, it briefly engages and disengages. It sometimes makes some noise as it engages the gears.

I then checked the spark plugs, plug number 3 and 4 had oil in them. I also noticed that the car consumes a lot of Engine Oil and water.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Things have been done on the car:

1. Major Overhaul. Changed rings and bearings but Valve stem seals were not replaced
2. Changed Transmission Oil and cleaned the transmission oil filter with Paraffin and clean water.
Previous car:Toyota Surf
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