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Suzuki Swift GTi Review 1994

Date:October 27, 2005, 2:28 am
Name, Location:Erik Falcon, from Seattle Was
Vehicle:Suzuki Swift
Modification:Suzuki Swift GTi
General comments:You Just can't go wrong!
I bought the car new in 95 it had only 5000 miles on it. It currently has over 80'000 miles on it and still drives like new. So far I've had to replace the tires once and replaced the cluth too. But I drive that car so hard because it's the type of car that just begs to be driven that way. One word of advice, if you own or purchase a Swift GTi with the DOHC 16V engine, when you go to replace the clutch don't get the factory clutch!!! For half the price of the factory clutch you can get a racing quality clutch from a company called Center Force. I have the Dual Friction Center Force clutch and it never fails.Other than that this car is a real gem. When my spedo hit 75'000 miles I had the head pulled and the mechanic said he could see no wear and tear on the engine!!! Perhaps the due in part to the DURALUBE that I add to the engine oil every 30'000 miles but I've heard of other people putting over 200'000 miles on these engines and still running strong. Sometimes I think Suzuki really didn't really what they had when they priced these cars. Nothing else on the market had fully independant dual wishbone suspension, 16v DOHC engine, 4 wheel disk breaks, for around 10'000 bucks and at the same time so cheap to operate and run.So far this is the most realible, funnest to drive, least expensive car I've ever owned.Oh one last thing if you own this car or any of it's cousins you can get the air filter much cheaper by going with the "Purolator" brand. Most stores have to special order it for you but it's $9.95 compared to $24.95 for the stock air filter. Works just as well.
What things have gone wrong with the car:-Resemblance to it's anemic econobox cousin, the Geo Metro. -Stock stereo speakers, oh they are torture on the ears!
Previous car:92 Honda civic. My Honda was very dependable like my Swift GTi, but was nowhere are fun to drive and way more expensive in every sense. Swift looks way nice too, not just "another" Honda *YAWN*-1995 VW Golf GTi. It belongs to my roomate but I dr

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