2001 subaru outback
2001 subaru outback
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Outback Sport Review 2001

Date:June 9, 2006, 2:10 am
Name, Location:Jesse from Philadelphia
Vehicle:Subaru Outback
Modification:Impreza Outback Sport
General comments:AWD Smooth boxer engineGood cargo roomWagon practicality without the "station wagon" look5sp makes the car fun to toss aroundSurprisingly good off-road.

I've driven compact cars before, so I know not to expect a whole lot of car when you purchase one. BUT! for $17,000 I'd expect moor than this. As you can see in my weaknesses this is car feels very cheap. If I did not need this vehicle for work I would not have bought it, but as far as the engine, AWD, and cargo space I'm sure I'll be able to get to any work site in almost any weather with all my equipment.If I were buying a vehicle for personal use I would probably opt for a Honda Civic Si or Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. Both vehicles have the feel of a sports car at half the price, but the edge would go to the Subaru because I live in the northeast and we don't have the luxury of light winters. But as far as the Impreza Outback Sport goes I would have to go with the 2002 model. It has addressed many of the concerns of the previous model years but your going to have to pay a premium as far as price goes to get a decent vehicle that doesn't feel "cheap" like the model years 2001 and earlier, and for that price you might as well get a leftover late model Legacy Outback.All in all it's a good vehicle that was bought for its durability and reliability, most people don't buy a car with the intent on puting 300,000 miles on in at purchase time. So if you want a small wagon that's going to be worked like an old farm mule then the (pre-2002)Impreza Outback Sport is for you. But if you small wagon that going to be driven like a throughbred and shown-off like so you might want to look at Volkswagen Golf GTI, Mazda MP5, or Subaru WRX Wagon.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Mushy brakes do not inspire confidenceDoor windows rattle loudly when door is shutAudio system is patheticGas milage not good for a four bangerWorst hubcaps I have ever laid eyes on
Previous car:2001 Honda Civic: Flat out the best car I have ever driven in my life(and I've driven alot), but it didn't have the cargo space I needed.2001 Nissan Sentra: A quick test drive proved that this was a very boring car that did not inspire comfort i

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