1993 nissan terrano
1993 nissan terrano
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Nissan Reliability 1993

Date:October 4, 2007, 6:53 am
Name, Location:Michael, Uganda
Vehicle:Nissan Terrano
General comments:My Terrano LBYD21 wide R3M 2.7 Turbo, is the second nissan after the british -irish nissan blue bird.
The terran had great fuel economy, very steady for for an automatic its really great for sports. Its electronicaly contralled suspension is great at speed vearing sudden stoping and stability . I have also gone up steap ruget hills at 35 degrees.
the 8 speaker inbuild sony stereo with a 10 cd changer will blow you away. am now looking for the petrol version of it
What things have gone wrong with the car:at 145k i got a problem with the injector and the nozals , actually they made me hate the deisel version. infact the problem i discovered with deisel is that most fixtures like the injector are not in the least servicable without some machines and a very experienced diesel repair man.
The ariel also got stuck.
Previous car:Nissan Bluebird(Auster)

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