2001 nissan terrano
2001 nissan terrano
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Nissan Terrano 2001

Date:April 16, 2013, 8:09 am
Name, Location:Indika Sri Lanka
Vehicle:Nissan Terrano
General comments:2700cc auto transmission diseal SUV
What things have gone wrong with the car:Check engin bulb flashes. when i was driving some times engine stops. Other than that there were no problems. In the morning little difficult to start. After testing with diagnosis machine, michanic said fuel injector pump to be replaced,I replaced the injector pump. now the issue is in the morning no pulling power until enging heat. it tales 3-4 minits till then cannot run the vehicle properly. Once engin reaches normal heat performance good. check engin bulb still blinking. pls advice

Previous car:toyota corolla

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