1994 nissan skyline
1994 nissan skyline
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Date:December 19, 2009, 5:12 am
Name, Location:John Innocent
Vehicle:Nissan Skyline
Modification:GT-R Pro Racer x custom dual pipe free flow turbo system with gas advanced gas/fuel mix suply and a straight piston incycle injection
General comments:Im Not gona put the pic here becuase it wees me of 2 say that i tottaly wrecked it 2 month's ago, but my post is becuase of the performance the dual channel free flow converted turbo gives u on the 18 hundred ford mustang gt500 origanel engine in the skyline, its aswome past words, for those that really want speed i dont know all the conversion of km to miles an hour but my car gave me 120 to 336(burned 4 engines trying 2 get more speed but think there might be a possipility in a Masda 6 serries crank bearing engine with Japanees custom steel pistons max km\h with some extra mods( including multi gas flow cylinders mixed with nos, correct tuning of my fuel flow, and of course a custom made HAWK-WING PRO custom dump valve with 4 cycle jets for release, and also installed a self made exhuast system that's made to flow with the cars streamline from the spoiler((small stainless steel pipes that flow in a horizontal jet line 2 help keep the car on the ground)) its quite an easy dessighn put im gona keep it to myself until i get a company that will pay about $ 27,30072 for it(the 72 for my sisters kid for a new ipod. 6th one this year.) but my basic dessighn ive allready explianed so if u got the brain to do it and the balls to drive it then go ahead and try. only one thing if u try to push 2 much gas through the engine with the noz then ur gona end up being mopped up with no body 2 show. it took me about 93k 2 built the monster i did and i almost craped myself at the speed it went so ure warned.

my best advice 2 u ppl get a flow system that works 27%fuel and 78% gass. the mix with nos must( and i state again must 2 those dump idoits that try there own ideas and get blown 2 pits) input exactly the same as noz but has 2 get into the pistons at the same mixing rate as the gas and to get that ul need a special pipe thats desighned for mixing it) i got a new hobby now.lol gona try 2 make a wasp speed boat that can go atleast 250km\h so i wont responed 2 uselus shit about ure atempts dont work. but if u get it right i would really like 2 hear about it. and plz find out what ur max( and i mean max) is in km\h.
What things have gone wrong with the car:well the first thing that went was the engine mounting. didnt get that proplem solved until 7 months ago. i made a steel support frame with extra fusing 2 the engine that went through the whole body(weighs about 8.7kg for that becuase aircraft quality aliminium so u gota understand its a lot of change.

the second proplem i incounterd was that the car wouldnt keep control on the road at that speed and start veering to the sides, i solved this by installing a broad drag racing slick but that was specialy made with a W pattern on it, work for about 20 minutes then that also didnt help so i changed the front wheel axles with dual titanium struts and put supeer grip liners on( my word for 4x4 tires) wich looked kinda cool but made the proplem that the nose was in the air( my body kit was almost against the ground without it, had 2 make a carbon fibre one with steel flex support in it just 2 handle the speed without shattering, took a shit load of time but it worked quite well. so i just put on bigger sliks(f1 racing sliks to be exact, and that cost me a small fortune) with a tail raised suspension unit and a longer axle line at the front while also giving it a lowering in the suspension. i gota say thank heavens forodo made such good brakes becuase it takes me about 12 seconds to stop the car( no parachute :-( . didnt have space with all the equipment in the car)

my very very very worst proplem came when i tried 2 go uphill, it put out so much torq that i coudnt get it 2 move so it only worked for straights and drifting( of course i wont say wich ones becuase of the ppl who always start over populating our drag strips.

Plz i say again if are not an expert and fully quilifite for the job then dont try to evan built this monster(and it is a monster, believe me. i lost my leg becuase of it.) this isnt a joke this was my lifetime hobby but since im not aloud to evan touch a steering wheel agian i will seriosly suggest that only expert mechanich and drivers try making this kind of car. and extreme pro to drive it. im an 19 year old pro IT,Mechanick,Bioligist. i specialise in fuel science and engineering, plus i got an advanced IT technitian course with a Mechanics course that a pro car builder gave me. my sole dream is 2 get somthing that can move at the speed of light while still beeing able 2 turn and be controlled with ease.
so u want max speed get it but it may be ure death. i wash my hands on that. the basic of the topic is the nissan skyline
Previous car:ford bantam 95 boxshape model
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