1992 nissan skyline
1992 nissan skyline
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R32 Skyline 1992

Date:June 22, 2007, 11:36 pm
Name, Location:Gothgaluk Notts UK
Vehicle:Nissan Skyline
Modification:GTS Type J
General comments:A fun car to drive with cheap insurance on this Non Turbo model.
Still this car is fun to drive and very nippy even without the turbo.
Engine is great fun and easy to mod.Power when needed only lacks slighty at around 40-55 mph, but before and after the instant power is where it should be.I was very suprised by the amount of power this car had.
Good oil and regular service keeps these cars on top form.
Interior is Japanese Coupe usual nothing to great.But love the wipers buttons etc on the dash.
And room for a double din dvd player.
The boot space is great.We took this car for a 2000 mile trip abroad.It never broke down, it was great on petrol and gave plenty of room for 2 weeks worth of clothes etc.
Seating is roomy with 4 people sleeping in this car during 2000 trip for a night each way and was comfy enough for that.Although is a noticable smaller than the R33 Rear.
Steering is great it feels like every tight corner or roundabout is from a drifting video.But feels really safe and easy to move ,very very light.
Overall a great nippy car low insurance ideal for the Skyline owners whom is young or doesnt want high insurance or big petrol bills A great car.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Steering rack
track rod ends
Not bad for at this time a 15 year old car.
Previous car:Nissan Maxima A32

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