1991 nissan bluebird
1991 nissan bluebird
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does anyone have one same as this one!?! 1991

Date:October 22, 2013, 10:12 am
Name, Location:australia
Vehicle:Nissan Bluebird
Modification:Manual 2 auto
General comments:car is a one off as does not fit in any category I have found anywhere in the world net:-( my car is a 1991 Nissan SR20DET Bluebird Attesa SSS ltd Pillarless .......E-HNU12... AWD manual 5 speed.Conversion is a same, but a HNU13 AWD Attesa,PROBLEM,Conversion stuck as no one in the WORLD so far can give me the ECU Pinouts & the AUTO BOX 17 wire readouts!?! &&& manual boxes are very Very Very rare & a lot of faults it seems,The care is as fat as,I purchased the car too keep,IT broke the box in the first 2 miles,and has been in the shed ever since:-(
What things have gone wrong with the car:Manual gear box broken,every thing elese perfection to say the least.
Previous car:where do i start,2 many

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