2005 mazda premacy
2005 mazda premacy
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2005 Mazda Premacy Review / Love it!

Date:August 21, 2012, 8:20 am
Name, Location:Mungai / Kenya
Vehicle:Mazda Premacy
General comments:Bought a used one from Japan. It arrive two weeks ago.

My family loves it. My 9-yr old son especially loves the third seat. He fits there perfectly and he has reserved the second seat at the back for his friend!

It looks small-ish from the outside, but when you get in you feel as if you are in a SUV!

It drives easily; picks up speed quite well [but don't expect it to win any races - it's a family car, for crying out loud!]

The engine is very quiet; you can hardly tell it's running when you're in the car. But, when you start moving, you begin to hear the hum from the wheels. Somewhere along the way you get used to it.

The boot space is small with the third row seats up; but I recently managed to fit a foldable baby cot, five overnight bags and some shopping bags while going on a short trip with the family.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Nothing has gone wrong
Previous car:Mazda Familia

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