2004 land rover discovery
2004 land rover discovery
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Land Rover Discovery SE7 2004

Date:January 25, 2007, 12:18 am
Name, Location:Al, CA
Vehicle:Land Rover Discovery
General comments:Leasing one now for 3 years already. Most likely this is a keeper after the lease expired. Many pros than cons during the ownership. Some of these comments I would like to share:

1. The shape and the safari look of this car is certainly timeless. Not even the new LR3 or something call H3 can touch it. The Alphine windows are turely Alphine feel.
2. Car drive feel aglie and precise on road, yet the steering does not give a big car feel. This is my spouse car, and I drive a RX-8, so you can belief me. This car is as good as a mountian goat on curvy country road and will not shame by a RX-8 so much. That means good pick up and cornering. One thing to pay attention though, you need a good set of tire for optimal performance. The stock Goodyear tires are rubbish.
3. One of the most comfortable driver seat among all SUV that I have tested. My back and bottom feel as young after any long travel.
4. Thrid row seat entrance and exit from rear barn door is indeed better than those other SUV using side door for 2nd and 3rd row maneuver. I never can figure out how you can get the 3rd row passangers to get out from a MDX without kicking out the 2nd row passanger plus breaking my elbow or finger nail.
5. Of course, I suppose you know about the supsurb true 4x4 full time system. My spouse comment is how smart it is in comparsion to other are how dumb they are.
6. I use mid grade fuel and does not experience any problem yet.

I would expect the cost of ownership to maintain and keep this car after 5 year warranty higher than say a small economy compact. But you have to remember it is a big car with numerous electronics, so tires, brake and nitty nitty does add up.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Nothing much big deal. Normal defect and factory recall did occur just like any other car I own. Not worst than my RX-8.

1 air con leak
1 fuel leak
1 door lock out
1 dash light out
1 windshiled wiper out

Brake squeal issue is fixable but owner should address it earlier.

Some hidden costs are roof top rail does not include cross bar, and rear trailer hitch does not has power wire there. It does has but it hidden in rear lamp and need extension work.
Previous car:Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Celica, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Xterra

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