2001 Land Rover Discovery Review / disco se

Date:December 30, 2005, 7:55 am
Name, Location:matt colorado
Vehicle:Land Rover Discovery
General comments:Overall great fit and finish. I had test drove one in 2001 then waited awile to buy one. I would say that I am satisfied with the veihicle in general. It is a heavy, refined, reliable vehicle. Tows heavier weights OK. Small v-8, so a little down on power compared to american cars, but at the same time, no expedition, or tahoe even comes close to the disco II.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Had to replace the brakes early on- pricey
Replaced tires- odd sized so I went bigger
Turn signals dont work right under 30 degrees
Traction control/antilock brake alarm comes on after deep mud travel or snow travel. Seems moisture related.
Fog lights mounted too low for real use off road. Will be upgrading front to ARB soon.
Previous car:Jeep cj-7, VW jetta tdi, Dodge Ram 150, many others

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