2000 land rover discovery
2000 land rover discovery
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Land Rover Disco II 2000

Date:December 15, 2005, 2:54 pm
Name, Location:Rissa in Michigan
Vehicle:Land Rover Discovery
General comments:I have had my DiscoII for just over a Year. I wish every day that someone would steal it or that it would start on fire. I have had non-stop problems with it,not kidding I get ti back from the shop and with in two days something else goes wrong, from lights on dash to doors exct.My truck was in the shop for a month (not the dealer)thank God I found a Shop to work on it. Well at this time I need to replace 2 Whiper arms, and driver side heated seat, 3 out of 5 doors only open from the inside, rear moonroof isn't opening, rear upper side window leak , front moonroof leaks, face on heater and clock will not light, horn and seat buttons broke off,leather seats cracking, scroll.....
What things have gone wrong with the car:The rear seat that folds, the part that locks the seat upright,doesnt lock the seat, so I dont laet people ride in the back seat. I guess it is all the little things. I just had the water pump replaced and the thermostat. But what I dont understand the computer said that iu had a blown headgasket, but there is nothing wrong with it.Bad rear sensor is making 3 diff lights turn on on my dash. I can not afford to keep the car, but I also can not afford to sell it eather.
Previous car:2003 VW Jetta TDI

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