Jaguar Review 1996

Date:October 17, 2005, 10:58 am
Name, Location:Jean-Frans
Vehicle:Jaguar Sovereign
Modification:Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign
General comments:I always loved this car which we offered to ourselves for my 40. I have three young children and they like the car as well. My spouse just loves it more than me. I drive it for 4 years and have not one repair or incident. It just looks as brand new. Even when you look at the engine, though it has 120,000 kms, it is clean of dust. I ask to a garage specialized in collection cars to handle the maintenance (Jaguar is too expensive). Low value when used car (which is good for the buyer, not for the seller).
What things have gone wrong with the car:The unefficiency of the wiper. The V6 is slightly too slow when accelerating. I just wonder how will my three children be comfortable when they grow up in the rear seats (for the timle bein, fine !). It is not an efficient car in hills or mountains.
Previous car:Class E Mercedes, old Porsche 911.

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