2000 isuzu vehicross
2000 isuzu vehicross
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Great car/truck/4X4/over the dirt road runner 2000

Date:June 2, 2006, 5:38 am
Name, Location:Larry Clark, Wherever we park it, Full time RVers
Vehicle:Isuzu Vehicross
General comments:I'm 65 years youg right now and have had too many vehicles to list.My buddy has a 98 Corvette and when he rode in our VX back in 2001, he liked it so well, that he flew from Phoenix, AZ to Penn. and got a VX Ironman, which he still has!
We've had our 2000 Proton Yellow VX since new and has been an excellent ride! I've made a few mods here and there to make it more personal. The ride is firm but very responsive and quick handeling as you would expect for a truck/car like this. That is why the name is vehicross, because it is a cross between a truck and a car.I did 115 miles through the Nevada Desert in 75 minutes when the VX had 600 miles on it. I installed all synthetic fliuds at 60 miles when the car was new and it has not used or leaked lubricants in the going on 6 years that we have had it. Peppy! Responsive! Good Looking! Comfortable,Recaro Racing seats fit like a glove! What more could a person want? If more creature comforts are wanted get a Mercedes!!!
What things have gone wrong with the car:Passenger's window needed the tracking system shimmed.
Water leak at back of intake was a gasket.
Transfer case replacement.
3 Items not bad for 6years!
Previous car:Dodge Turbo Spirit, Ply Neon, Ford 1 ton truck, 427 Ford,Boss 351 Mustang, 64 Plymouth, w/426 Hemi, Custom 65 Chevy P.U./w/ 327 & Hurst 4speed and to many more to list.

Photo Isuzu Vehicross

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