1993 honda legend coupe
1993 honda legend coupe
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Date:December 18, 2010, 8:51 am
Name, Location:Bergen-Norway
Vehicle:Honda Legend Coupe
General comments:The car is just perfect ! Top acceleration-smoothe cruising- no problems -like sitting at home in a perfect chair. Acceleration is prompt. What you plan is how it works. On snow in the wintertime- low temperature-it starts without problems. When other cars seem to stop-lifted up to surfing point on the snow and the wheels spins- The Legend is like a 4 wheeled car-its heavy enough to just plow away !!! My experience is 5 different Legends (1998-1991-1993-1996 -and 2001 Models) the Honda Coupe is the car with most entertainment !!! Today I have the 1993 and a 2001 model. Its low on fuel consumption about 0.83 to 1 liter on 10 km
What things have gone wrong with the car:I have had a leak on the connections of the Hydraulicks Steering Cooler-Changed the timing belt (service and brakes) The door on drivers side is a bit "hanging" has to be adjusted! A little rusty mark on the fenders back of the car - but generally healty-under and on the plates
Previous car:Honda Legend 2003-1993
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