1995 honda cr-v
1995 honda cr-v
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Good & Crap 1995

Date:September 9, 2010, 12:41 pm
Name, Location:Alex, New Zealand
Vehicle:Honda CR-V
General comments:It's my first ever SUV, i've generally owned larger engine sports/sedans. It's easy to drive, the steering seems a bit loose for me. Have to turn the wheel quite a bit for an easy corner. The engine....... gah! if you put your foot down it really does have some grunt, a typical honda engine, revs high, goes hard. But you REALLY do have to put your foot down alot just to keep up with traffic, 2000 RPM in 2nd takes way to long to get to 50kmh. I've driven the car fully loaded, the back end was sitting on the tyre! and you could really feel it in the pedals, the engine was having to be worked 3x as much as usual, and the braking was scary! I think it's alot to do with the lack of torque, the car was fine on a long straight road, terrible going uphill, 4000rpm just to keep it at 60kmh. There's not to much body roll for a car of such height, but the wind at high speeds can push alot (to be expected i guess). The 4WD is ok, slips a bit at first then kicks in once the car realises the front end has lost traction, you can feel it once all 4 wheels are gripping and you got no worries there.
The space inside is amazing, looks quite small from the outside but you'd be suprised how much you can fit in the boot - with or without seats down. The car does have some nifty features i've not seen in many other vehicles, the back seats can fold both ways, lift up (which if you fold down front seats too, form a flat double bed in the car!) There's no centre console, so more space there. There's a power port in the back, a picnic table under the boot mat, a storage well underneath the picnic table........ etc etc etc!!!! very unique!
What things have gone wrong with the car:Just wear and tear from age.
Previous car:R34 Sklyine 2.5gt

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July 9, 2013, 12:19 pm  from: Vasel
Just acquired a used one same model and mileade at 118000 but have not enjoyed, biggest problem is ignition, dash lights up, lights and electronics work perfectly well but the engine wont start (frustrated) have not even made 100km with the car and is in and out of the garage. Love the car but hate it now because it has failed to start on several occasions just after a few minutes in when it has been running. It seems the technician wont also solve it worse and for all.

Any ideas?
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