2003 ford focus
2003 ford focus
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Watch the brakes! 2003

Date:December 14, 2009, 1:30 am
Name, Location:Carolyn Dominish, Australia
Vehicle:Ford Focus
General comments:I have a standard 2003 Ford Focus CL LR Hatch which has just had a 30,000 km service. Actually the car had only done 26438 km. The Ford dealer who serviced it told me that I had a brake problrm on the front right hand side and offered to fix it for me for $600. After just paying $700+ for the service, I declined and decided to shop around. I knew that there was a problem as there was a loud metal grinding noise emanating from the brakes as I used them. If I had attempted to brake quickly I fear what would have happened. I shopped around and found a brake mechanic who did the job for me for $300. He was shocked that a car that had only done 26438 km should have such wear to the front rh side brake.

The Ford dealer had told me that this particular Focus (and probably others) had a "soft material" used for the brakes and gave me some garbage about it being safer. Perhaps safer, but more expensive, I thought.

So... if you buy a second hand 2003 Focus have the brakes checked before you buy!
What things have gone wrong with the car:Front right hand side brake prematurely worn. Had to be replaced at 26438km.
Previous car:Ford Falcon AU II

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June 27, 2010, 12:19 pm  from: Kathy
Also if you have the timing belt replaced, replace all the pulleys as well they called it a "full kit" not on ford recommendations but I had my belt changed and 2 months later a pulley seized and the belt broke destroying part of the engine! Expensive

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