1995 Ferrari F355 Review / Fantastic

Date:September 18, 2009, 5:59 am
Name, Location:Francesco Canada
Vehicle:Ferrari F355
General comments:The first thing I noticed upon getting into the 355 Berlinetta is that the seating position is very low. Once seated however the driving position and visibility are all excellent. The mirror positioning in terms of height are perfect in that they are exactly at eye level, so you have to move your head very little. The interior is considered sparse by some but everything that needs to be there is handy, everything that does not need to be there is excluded. Overall I find the interior very handsome and useful, they could have included a mirror with a light for the wife though! Driving the 355 is very easy and intuative and throttle response is very crisp and rewarding. The handling is sublime, and the gearbox and shifter the same. Engine noise is music to the ears in this car, I have a stereo in it but never turn it on. Ride quality is firm but compliant, overall a very well balanced car with superb looks and manners.
What things have gone wrong with the car:I know it sounds incredible but so far nothing has gone wrong!! There are a couple of minor squeeks occassionaly but nothing to write home about.
Previous car:Bmw M3

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