2000 dodge stratus
2000 dodge stratus
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Stratus: The last line of the 1st Generation 2000

Date:November 3, 2006, 2:02 am
Name, Location:Tony James University Place WA
Vehicle:Dodge Stratus
General comments:Dodge has built an exciting and fun loving to drive sedan that excels in styling, comfort, and fuel savings. With 205 LeMans touring tires from firestone, the car grips the road in all the right places when you needed the most. The quick accelaration and balancing performance of the engine and components makes this car worth owning. The 'cab forward' design is truly an excellent design. You have the feel of being in a larger vehicle. With the shorter front end, the parking of the car can be under estimated. I found myself parking too short of the parking lot bumbers many times. This is a plus when it comes to the Stratus' handling. The 2000 SE Stratus has a'lip' spoiler which is very cool looking. I wanted to add a real spoiler, but the more I got to looking at the car, the more I realized it didn't needed it. I love my used Stratus. I just wish they did not stop production of such a fine car in May 2006. Still, after test driving the 2nd Generation of Stratus' (2001-2006), I have found these cars not as much fun and interesting to drive. The 2nd generation seem to have loss its spirit that made the Stratus a cool car to drive.
What things have gone wrong with the car:The issues with the 2000 Dodge Stratus are the cup holders and engine access. The compact natural and repairing of certain hoses makes one wonder how the car was ever built. The forward cup holders really suck. They couldn't hold any container while the car was in park and sometimes on cornering, they spill. Getting to the battery is somewhat a challenge, but this is understandable. It is located within the driver side forward wheel well and is protected by splash gaurds and non electrical metals.
Previous car:1999 Specialized Hardrock Comp Bicycle

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