2002 dodge neon
2002 dodge neon
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My Lovely 2002 Neon

Date:October 1, 2007, 6:23 pm
Name, Location:An-Drew Boger
Vehicle:Dodge Neon
General comments:Sorry no photos of my wonderful car.
I bought my car used and I have always
loved it. I had an earlier model 1995 coupe.
The 1995 coupe sold me on my 2002 Gold colored sedan. The reason for this because of its great gas mileage, comfort of ride, roomy interior. . . head and foot room including great trunk spaced. In my neighborhood, there are many models.I do not care for the Dodge Caliber as much as I love the neon. I do not understand why they stop making the neon just to make this car.
It really leaves us Neon lovers out in the cold.
What things have gone wrong with the car:NO automobile is perfect.
Their are two things I strongly suggest about the neons and they are do not turn corners fast nor put your breaks on fast in Wet nor Raining weather. I have been informed that this holds true for all
Previous car:1995 Dodge neon coupe

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