Dodge Neon Highline 1997

Date:January 8, 2007, 10:45 pm
Name, Location:Melissa, Pueblo, CO
Vehicle:Dodge Neon
Modification:Neon Highline
General comments:First and foremost, I miss my car!
What things have gone wrong with the car:Ok, where shall I begin. My mom bought the car in '98 and it was perfect. In 2000, the paint started peeling on the roof. As all Neon owners know, this is a common problem. That was just the beginning. The back floor boards would fill up every time it rained, the brakes constantly squeaked, heads were replaced at 145,000 miles, 6 batteries were used and too many trips to the dealer than I can remember. On many of those trips, it was towed in. Finally, the Wednesday before New Years, I was at work. This car took a beating, I've delivered pizza in it for 2 yrs. I was on my way back from a delivery, and it just died. I knew something bad was wrong. Come to find out, the timig belt had snapped and bent the valves. A word of advice, GET THE BELT CHANGED!!! I took good care of that car. I was informed be the dealer they had never heard of mileage like what was on my car. It died with 246,501 miles! It was ugly, but realiable.
Previous car:1992 Ford Festiva

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