1997 daihatsu mira
1997 daihatsu mira
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Not a bad car for a first-timer! 1997

Date:October 10, 2020, 8:23 am
Name, Location:N.
Vehicle:Daihatsu Mira
General comments:A severely underrated car forgotten easily within the realms of the history, this little Daihatsu from the quirky era of the mid-90s really deserves some recognition! Small, and very reminiscent to the 90s, its a car you wanna pack some cassettes with to store in the glove box while winding down the coast and enjoying the sunset as you shift gears through.
I have had this car initially in 2000, when my dad got a 1995 model, for two years. Then around when I was in high school (2015), my dad got me a 1997 model which I drove for 3 years as my first car.
The base models for export market were powered by 0.85L Carb engine (ED-10) which was a serious letdown as fuel efficiency and performance both were compromised. However, the short gear ratios, and the throws are something to reckon for. Handling is nimble, so drifting is out of the equation unless you want to throw yourself to the ground with the car tilted; but what's the fun without some... danger? ;)
Aesthetic, minimalistic design that strongly hints the 90s apex of Euro-Japanese cars is again, one of its best points. The controls are very driver-centric, so anything you wanna control as a driver, its totally within the reach, without extending yourself for that a bit. The climate control (although was weak for the time), but was innovative compared to most cars in the market, as this car in particular had the option to not just turn the AC on, but to keep it mild for the appropriate conditions; and this was before Kei cars even saw Climate Control option. The car has 2 speakers, but given its size, its completely sufficient. Also, if you are ever planning to buy one of these, GET A MANUAL TRANSMISSION ONE; cause these ones are worth all the penny.
Reliability? A sturdy car, if you ask me. Its basically a smaller version of Toyota Corolla E100; so expect maintenance and repair bills to be really low. Bang for a buck, definitely!
What things have gone wrong with the car:1. Carburetted engine, so expect low performance and fuel economy to be bad relatively, despite being a small engine.
2. AC does not work after a while and is weak; its something with the older Kei cars. Modern ones can keep up for somehow longer duration before they go off.
3. Carburetted engine again, so fuel supply to the engine can be easily disrupted and the car may shut down in the middle of the journey if there's sediment in the fuel.
4. Very prone to being overheated if the AC is turned on, and the day is very hot.
5. Handbrake is virtually useless if parked at a hill, because of its weight.
Previous car:None

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