2000 chrysler cirrus
2000 chrysler cirrus
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chrysler cirrus 2000

Date:November 8, 2006, 6:37 pm
Name, Location:r bitetto nh
Vehicle:Chrysler Cirrus
Modification:chrysler cirrus
General comments:same pop in front end that no one in the dealership can seem to diagnose. electronics r sub par. body and drivetrain work very well, however because of all the other problems which the area dealership cant seem to fix or diagnose ive lost all faith in this product. if you r going to buy or have service done on your chrysler product contact me and i will tell you where not to go. very bad luck with this poorly run dealership in my area and feel that it is only fair that everyone should steer clear of them because of their inability to provide good service.
What things have gone wrong with the car:faulty heater controls, faulty heater blower, constantly chews up front end parts and by virtue of this cant seem to get good tire wear. but most of all very,very poor service at my local dealer in concord n.h. on a scale of one to ten for the car i would rate at a 6. i would not even bother to rate the dealership because of their inability to perform any task with any degree of compentency.
Previous car:g.m.c

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