Lumina's what went wrong 1999

Date:August 21, 2023, 5:59 am
Name, Location:Trace Tacoma Washungtom6
Vehicle:Chevrolet Lumina
General comments:Shortly after our 1999 Sunbird SE died. We figured it was time for an upgrade. I drove around SeaTac eventually ending up in Puyallup an a dealership i worked as a line tech. To shorten the story. The Lumina LTZ was purchased from the local chevy dealership and placed on the used car lot with 69,000 miles. We had actually my wife was blown away with the interior and every option available.
Since that purchase back 2003 we still possess the LUMINA. I like it because well the tire replacement/tire rotation and the fact when tire rotation comes due. I prefer to take it in and explain why the right front tire less tread.
And when I return the little lady asks "why does my car smell like burning rubber?. I just walk away.
Regardless we actually I enjoy the quick response and leave the heavy chevy drivers guessing .
I will say there have been more than enough issues with cooling system.
Besides that the transmission leaks as does the power steering.
Other than that and lousy fuel consumption it's not a had little car. And to this day she has made it extremely clear " Now Honey you have your Ford and I'll HAVE MY CHEVY".
That is my story and I'm sticking to it....
What things have gone wrong with the car:As stated the cooling system is always a mystery as is the fuel pump assembly.
Stiff suspension.
Previous car:1990 Pontiac Sunburfld
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