2009 chery qq
2009 chery qq
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gear shift problem 2009

Date:October 7, 2018, 8:19 pm
Name, Location:Vishal
Vehicle:Chery Sweet QQ
General comments:Hi all

i have problems in chery qq

1. there was a problem in gear change so i changed the whole gear box the issue was not resolved.

2. currently i did dry joint in main computer board and there was not issue, the gear shift was fixed.

3. while driving the gear just stop shifting and can not select any gears.

4. now when i start my car the dashboards say gear 3 and can also neutral the gear. but can not go to gear 1.

5. when i turn engine off there is a bang sound when engine turn off.

6. i also change both the computer board but still the same problem.

please advice.

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