1998 volvo s40
1998 volvo s40
1998 volvo s40
1998 volvo s40
1998 volvo s40
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S40 1.9 t4 1998 problems

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Date:April 28, 2011, 10:53 am
Location:South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Vehicle:Volvo S40
Modification:decat, mini cat & removed 1st silencer. lowered 45 mm. k&n pan filter
General comments:had boost problems. found leaking hose from intercooler to idling control valve and wastegate actuator leaking. replaced both, boost back to 1.1psi. turbo whining slightly though. repaired leaking vacuum pipe from fuel regulator to throttle body. replaced oem sparkplugs and coilpacks.
otherwise vehicle in good condition,no vibrations.
exciting, powerful car to drive. becomes interesting with faultfinding
considering remapping & 76mm powerflow exhaust
Problems:remotes not working. hydraulic lifters noisy. sunroof screen rattling noise. whining turbo. cracked right strut mount. engin management light on- suspect cam timming sensor faulty- bought secondhand one- to replace.
Previous car:1994 ford laser 1600i sport

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