Volkswagen Pointer Maintenance and Repair: An Expert's Guide to Common Issues

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Volkswagen Pointer Problems: User-Reported Issues and Solutions

ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhoto
EPC2004 Volkswagen PointerEwa
Poland, Lublin
Transmission2004 Volkswagen PointerAhmed Alian
Egypt, Cairo, Cairo City
epc2004 Volkswagen Pointer
Egypt, cairo
car accedent2005 Volkswagen Pointer; front half with the enginmohamed
egypt, elbehaira, komhamada
volkswagen pointer engin2005 Volkswagen Pointer; engin 1600 cc
1 comment
mohamed mohsen elshafey
egypt, elbehaira, komhamada
Internal sound alarm2004 Volkswagen PointerHeba Mamdouh
Egypt, Cairo
spare parts2004 Volkswagen PointerAhmed Aly Egypt
smart key2005 Volkswagen Pointer; brazil
amr ahmed ibrahim from egypt

Updated on June 4, 2023