2002 kia carnival
2002 kia carnival
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2002 Kia Carnival automatic transmission problems in Turkey

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Date:February 9, 2010, 3:55 pm
Name:gerard Oude Hergelink
Location:Turkey, Istanbul, Kadikoy
Vehicle:Kia Carnival
General comments:Of course by changing the automatic transmission I push the button on the left side of the gear handle (declutch)
Problems:The motor of our Car broke completely. While driving in snow on a slope, the car started slipping. Behind us were other cars. As not to colide I pushed the handle to the L- position. As I did not see much effect -it seems to create a larger torque- I went back to position 2 (forward 2) and to L 2 times, than stopped the car.
Previous car:Chrysler
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