1993 suzuki escudo
1993 suzuki escudo
1993 suzuki escudo
1993 suzuki escudo
1993 suzuki escudo
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2 door escudo problems 1993 in Trinidad And Tobago

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Date:November 22, 2012, 1:41 am
Location:Trinidad and Tobago, Saint George, Arouca
Vehicle:Suzuki Escudo
Modification:Converted from automatic to manual transmission
General comments:My vehicle is a 2 door 1993 4wd 16v manual transmission Escudo,which I think was automatic originally because of the dash make-up. I think I might need an E.C.U. to fix my problem , where can I find one specific for vehicle to buy.
Problems:My Escudo is idling erratically (from 2000rpm-500rpm) whenever I am in 1st or 2nd it takes awhile even if mashing all out for the rpm to increase from 500rpm. The dino says everything is ok and there are no check lights on. I have serviced the fuel system replaced the MAF and the the idle air control unit. Ever since buying the vehicle a year now there have been problems. A gasket blew and I replaced the head and block and a check light came on the dino, said it was the temperature sensor fixed the broken wire the light came off. Then the idle started behaving erratically. Please help!!!
Previous car:Toyota
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