2005 toyota wish
2005 toyota wish
2005 toyota wish
2005 toyota wish
2005 toyota wish
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2005 Toyota Wish strange rattle from odometer region problems

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Date:December 14, 2016, 11:06 am
Location:New Zealand, Napier
Vehicle:Toyota Wish
Problems:Hey guys, wondering if you can help me. For the past week, my car has had a strange rattle in the dashboard around/above where the odometer is. I had a 2din head unit fitted on Friday and the noise has materialised from then! Took back to workshop who advised they didn't mess in that area, but opened up the dash to make sure that no other poise wires were in that area. All clear from the inspection. The sound is like a dry heavy leaf stuck in the air vent and the fan is on full moving it all over the place! But in the centre of the dash! Could it be an odometer cluster issue? Or does anybody have any other ideas or first hand knowledge?


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