2002 toyota voxy
2002 toyota voxy
2002 toyota voxy
2002 toyota voxy
2002 toyota voxy
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2002 Toyota Voxy engine electrical problem

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Date:September 13, 2012, 11:11 am
Name:Yorum Chanda
Location:Zambia, Copperbelt, Ndola
Vehicle:Toyota Voxy
General comments:Engine Control Panel has to be changed and following are the details;

Engine - 1AZ-FSE AT.
TOYOTA 89666-28130.
211000-8930, 12V.

Please help me as ever since i bought this car I have never driven it nor my family enjoying any ride on it.
Problems:When the Car arrived at Dar it was driven but developed a fault before reaching at the border. After checking it was found that the Cum-shaft was broken and the valves were bend.
I had to buy another Cum-shaft from Dar which enabled the car to move from the border upto Ndola but it was producing some funny sound from the engine. After checking through it was found that the valves were bend for the second time.
After sorting out the valves issue now it is believed that the Engine Control Panel has to be changed.
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July 28, 2015, 10:28 pm  from: Henry
My toyota voxy have no spark we checked every sensor
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