2012 Toyota Sprinter Trueno huge noise, in radiater water doesn't long laster, rare to find parts unavaible problems

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Date:September 14, 2012, 5:44 am
Name:Mrigendra Sherchan
Location:Nepal, western Regeon, Butwal
Vehicle:Toyota Sprinter Trueno
General comments:where can i get the engine manual, its parts & parts number.It would be easy for us to get from Bangkok or from Singapore.
Problems:When I start the car it makes a huge noise.Water doesn't stay longer in Radiate r, though radiate r is not licked.No smooth run.I have shown to the Mechanic,he tried to control the noise in different way though also it could't be, he says to change some sensor but it is not available here, can you tell me the exact name of that part photo & parts name.
I have lost the engine manual so I could't know the name of the parts name exactly so would you dont mind to send the engine manuals, i would be very much obilize or tell where i can get the engine Parts manual.
Previous car:no
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Photo Toyota Sprinter Trueno

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