1997 toyota raum
1997 toyota raum
1997 toyota raum
1997 toyota raum
1997 toyota raum
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1997 Toyota Raum [email protected] problems

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Date:August 23, 2020, 8:29 am
Name:Bruce Kadeyadeya
Location:Zimbabwe, Mashonaland East, Harare
Vehicle:Toyota Raum
Modification:Bruce Kadeyadeya
Problems:I have a problem that l have done several engine overhauls on my car every time we have an issue with oil no pumping efficiently to lubricate the cranks hence it ends up knockin again we have changed the oil pump several times and on all that we force start it but it still has a knock sound, and after a whole day parking it empties the oil filter then on starting it takes time before the oil chech light turns off, l don't know some one told me that it's something to do with a bonger bolt so may you help me
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