2002 toyota noah
2002 toyota noah
2002 toyota noah
2002 toyota noah
2002 toyota noah
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Toyota noah 1az engine won't start but fan kicks in 2002 problems

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Date:January 15, 2018, 8:51 pm
Name:Elias Eria Munesi
Location:Zambia, Mansa Zambia, Mansa
Vehicle:Toyota Noah
Problems:If the fan doesn't kick in the car starts well but as soon as the fans kick in it won't start what is the problem
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March 31, 2018, 8:50 am  from: victor.bwalya
The air, water and fuel pressure sensors share the same 5volts from the computer. if one of them has a problem, you will have multiple codes. Start by plugging out one sensor at a time and crack each time to see if car starts. The fault detection system uses the pull down or pull up resistor circuit, so for as long as the voltage as been pull either up or down due to a fault sensor or circuit, the computer system will trigger the code as a hard code no matter how much time you remove the battery or erase the codes , the codes will still popup. If you happen to have the sensors(water, air, fuel sensors, just change one at a time and try cranking, I bet you will find the problem. Don't bother about the fault detection system its too detailed, just try what I have said.
especially the fuel pressure sensor part number 89458 22010 is very popular to this problem. The sensor sits under the air intake runners, you need to remove the fro access.
Good luck
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