Toyota Lite Ace Van Problems

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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
break system2016 Toyota Lite Ace VanRam Caballeda
Philippines, Makati
Jun 4, 2016
timing1990 Toyota Lite Ace Vanpaul
New Zealand, manukua, auckland
Nov 4, 2012
Consuming high fuel1998 Toyota Lite Ace VanGodson Kahabwa
Tanzania, United Republic of, Dodoma
Sep 3, 2011
breakdown due to empty engine oil1992 Toyota Lite Ace Van; 1992
1 comment
jun s gomez
Philippines, Quezon City
Jul 16, 2011
Oil leaks1998 Toyota Lite Ace Van
1 comment
Sean Wilkinson
Barbados, Saint Michael, Bridgetown
Apr 23, 2011
over heating1994 Toyota Lite Ace Van; van type
1 comment
reuben s. diadula
Philippines, muntinlupa city
Jan 27, 2011
5k engine1994 Toyota Lite Ace Van; engine
Ric Loresto
Philippines, Benguet, Philippine
Nov 18, 2010
torque wrench settings on cranck shaft bearings big end bearings cam shaft bearings1995 Toyota Lite Ace Van
1 comment
kevin powell
United Kingdom, cornwall, england
Mar 16, 2010