2002 toyota kluger v
2002 toyota kluger v
2002 toyota kluger v
2002 toyota kluger v
2002 toyota kluger v
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2002 Toyota Kluger V problem

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Date:December 8, 2011, 6:34 pm
Name:Adil Nooraly Manji
Location:Tanzania, United Republic of, n/a, Mwanza
Vehicle:Toyota Kluger V
General comments:Otherwise vehicle is good and i like it. I would olso appreciate if i can get the owners manual as i dont have one
Problems:2 problems,

1. Some sort of a banging sound coming from all four suspension.Sometimes i dont hear a sound but sometimes ever a slightest bump and the banging is there ( Very irritating) had opened the suspensions but all seemed okay. The susepension were german made and looked like heavy duty ones. These are normaly not used in hariers.
My technician tells me that i need to change the suspension but i was reluctant. We tried to adjust the suspensions as there is adjustment screws below the suspension. Jacked the car up and tightened the adjustment but still the sound is there. Please advice.

2. The drivers seat adjustment is very small. I personely feel that the driver still needs to be about 3 inches high so that he can see the end of the bonnet and anticipate the distance between the bumper and any other object in front. Advice how to get the seat more up as the adjustment is finished
Previous car:Harrier 4x4 3.0 2001
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October 17, 2012, 11:52 am  from: Dan Mukiibi
I want to buy a Kluger v 2001, black in color, auto transmission and how can I transact it up to my home in uganda? please advise.
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