1992 toyota hilux surf
1992 toyota hilux surf
1992 toyota hilux surf
1992 toyota hilux surf
1992 toyota hilux surf
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1992 Toyota Hilux Surf atf overheating problems

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Date:January 4, 2013, 10:04 pm
Name:Wayne bell
Location:Australia, QLD, Glenwood
Vehicle:Toyota Hilux Surf
Modification:fitted new after market cooler plus thermo fan
Problems:automatic transmission over heating when towing caravan ATF light comes on floor even gets hot , has full reco motor and radiator tried fitting new after market cooler also new 8" thermo fan in front of cooler did help a bit but not a lot ,even without towing anything auto still gets a bit hot , is there a in and out side of radiator ? does the oil have to go one way in and out or won't it matter ? has 2 litres of coolant [ anti freeze anti boil ] don't know what else to try , hope you guys can help . [ 1992 2.4 2L TE LN 130 turbo diesel ssr x ] cheers .
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May 3, 2013, 4:59 am  from: robert
man i am having similar problems with my 94 ver. i have a 3vz petrol engine. please help.
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