2001 toyota gaia
2001 toyota gaia
2001 toyota gaia
2001 toyota gaia
2001 toyota gaia
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2001 Toyota GAIA check brake light problems

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Date:January 6, 2010, 11:17 pm
Name, Location:Francis K. MWANGI
Vehicle:Toyota GAIA
Problems:1. The check Brake light (!) on the instrument panel is on permanently. I have checked the switch on the hand-brake lever and seems Ok. Changed both Front Brake Pads as well as the shoes with original parts but the problem will simply not clear. Its now over several months and the problem persists. The model is GAIA SXM10G - E Package.
2. Burnt internal bulbs for the (D)rive indicator ond the speed instrument dial and the one for the AirCon Mode. Can I replace these with 12V LED as the bulbs are hard to find?
Previous car:RAUM
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