2002 toyota funcargo
2002 toyota funcargo
2002 toyota funcargo
2002 toyota funcargo
2002 toyota funcargo
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2002 Toyota Funcargo over heating /weak fore suspension /right rear brake light problems

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Date:January 28, 2023, 10:53 pm
Name:Kibiru martin
Location:Kenya, Coastal, Voi
Vehicle:Toyota Funcargo
General comments:👉Eingine overheating
👉Rear right braking light blows off every time
👉ABs system very sensitive in poor braking especially pressure tyres not equal enough also on untarmac roads resistant very high can cause accidents. If could be reduced to control while avoiding wheels uni-locking the better
👉Fore stabilizer washer very week cannot withstand the normally after sometimes replaced with the new type.
👉Handbrake nowadays footbrake sometimes you will realize it's engaging on while after your destination yet you engaged off from very first-time before
Problems:At most the car seems to like overheating deliberately. The radiator full of cooling fluid after all your day schedule a car is parked ntill next morning when you're sure it is completely cold. When starting the car fir it will display red overheat symbol after a second comes the blue symbol indicating the eingine not yet warm
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Updated on December 2, 2023