2001 toyota estima
2001 toyota estima
2001 toyota estima
2001 toyota estima
2001 toyota estima
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2001 Toyota Estima revving out with gear change problems

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Date:November 24, 2021, 8:31 pm
Location:New zealand, Wairarapa, Masterton
Vehicle:Toyota Estima
Problems:Not registering gear change and just revving when driving like slipping and engine like keeps coming on and brake light stays on
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March 6, 2022, 3:40 pm  from: Steve Bonner
Interested to find out if you got this sorted and what the solution was?

If not, I would suggest you check that the handbrake or one of the brake calipers are not stuck on. (Jacking up each wheel in turn and seeing if it turns easily by hand when out of gear is the easiest way to check). Sometimes a stuck on brake or a locked wheel will 'stall' the auto gearbox and it won't move the car anywhere.
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Updated on May 30, 2023