2001 toyota cresta
2001 toyota cresta
2001 toyota cresta
2001 toyota cresta
2001 toyota cresta
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2001 Toyota Cresta engine can start problems

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Date:February 3, 2012, 1:49 pm
Location:Zambia, Zambia, Kawambwa
Vehicle:Toyota Cresta
General comments:it is actually a very good, fast and luxury car. i enjoy this car very much but how do i get the parts? can not be found in auto shops or from toyota zambia can be found. what do i do or where do i get them. and even when seen and fixed what should be done for the car to start.
Problems:while on the road car stopped. checked battery was okey, gas was okey. could crank but can not pick. mechanic when checking cut timing belt, broke inlet cam shaft, broke a piece from oil pump. these parts needed. but in the first place why did it stop? drained oil and replaced with new but still could not start. mechanic suspected oil failure to rise.
Previous car:toyota camry
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