2001 toyota corolla fielder
2001 toyota corolla fielder
2001 toyota corolla fielder
2001 toyota corolla fielder
2001 toyota corolla fielder
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2001 Toyota Corolla Fielder power steering cuts out (light on dash board comes on problems

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Date:October 5, 2010, 6:22 pm
Vehicle:Toyota Corolla Fielder
General comments:Would a weak battery cause the p/s to behave as stated above?and would changing the rear wheel break drums correct the breaking problems? Also please tell me where and how to check for power steering fluid.Please reply as quickly as possible.Thanks ( N.B.This is my second submission and no replies to date)
Problems:loss of power steering,radio goes off and lights gets dim while driving and comes back on shortly after. This will happen several times while driving. Also steering shakes (shimmy)while breaking at 60/80 kph and clunking sounds apparently from the rear wheels.
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November 4, 2010, 5:06 am  from: Michael Ackbersingh
1. The shaking steering when braking is caused by warped front disk rotors, they need to be skimmed or replaced

2. Clunky sounds could be a sign of bushing wear, check all bushings front & rear & check for uneven wear of the rear brake drums

3. Power steering reservoir is a clear platic cylindrical container on the left of the vehicle when you open the bonnet and face the vehicle. It has markings for hot high and low levels as well as cold high and low levels.

Loss of power steering could mean that there is either a leak in one of the hoses or the seals in the rack and pinion are worn or the reservoir needs to be topped up.

4. The head lights dimming could mean that the fuses and the relays need attention, i installed 30 amp fuses and cleaned then sealed the relay with clear sillicone to keep out ants. I also changed the headlamp connector to the ceramic type which all together work very well.

NB: I own and drive a 2001 Fielder for the past 6 years, so i know a few things about the car. Hope these tips will help you.

Drive safely!!
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October 7, 2014, 8:31 am  from: praveen prakash
Steering becoms hard while driving .vehicle has electric motor fitted on steering colum.
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