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2016 Toyota Corolla Axio wheel bearing failure problem

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Date:May 1, 2023, 12:45 pm
Location:Sri Lanka, Western, Colombo
Vehicle:Toyota Corolla Axio
Problems:Dear sir,
I have a Toyota axio hybrid 2016 car which has ridden only 50,500 KM mileage. While I'm driving my car, I hear a small noise from the rear side(left corner) of my car like a hum.
Then I informed it to a service centre and they told me that the wheel bearing part is failed and this is a common problem of Totoya axio hybrids. Also they told me that in Toyota axio hybrid's wheel bearing failure can't be repaired and need to replace the whole part originally and much expensive.
Then I asked this from my friend who is a mechanical engineer and said that wheel bearing failure can't be happened in this mileage(around 50,000Km).

Still I have no idea about what should I do to resolve my problem. It would be much pleasure if you can give me sloution for my problem.
Thank you.

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