Toyota Celica Problems

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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
Battery cables reversed...what relay fried?1992 Toyota CelicaLarry
United States, Texas, Rockdale
Jun 5, 2014
wont shift in to 2,4,or reverse1991 Toyota Celicanatalie
United States, California, stockton
Jul 28, 2013
high fuel intake ,fuel gauge not working2007 Toyota Celica
Botswana, South-East, Gaborone
Feb 13, 2013
problem keeping it running. It cuts off after driving about 30-60mins1990 Toyota Celicakathy
United States, Pennsylvania, lancaster
Jun 7, 2012
brakes1991 Toyota Celica; nodan
United States, Colorado, thornton
Feb 1, 2012
Car is randomly stalling and reving a differntly levels1992 Toyota Celica
1 comment
Jackson Gooding
Australia, Queensland, Brisbane
Oct 24, 2011
oil leak1991 Toyota CelicaLeslie Thomas
United States, Michigan, Detroit
Oct 20, 2011
hazzards lights1996 Toyota Celicalee marshall
United Kingdom, Cheshire, Macclesfield
Apr 3, 2011
not chargeing1991 Toyota Celica; celicabruce
United States, New York, warterville
Jan 6, 2011
oil leaks1991 Toyota Celica
1 comment
Earnest Rounds
United States, IL, Rockford
Jul 23, 2010
Not sure on model1993 Toyota CelicaKris
Australia, Qld, Mayckay
Jul 10, 2010
altinator bracket1985 Toyota Celica
1 comment
United States, California, Frazier Park
Apr 14, 2010
where is it1992 Toyota Celica; celica GTR 4W/S
1 comment
les myers doncaster yorkshireFeb 6, 2010
ran over puddle1992 Toyota CelicapeteJan 22, 2010
no brakes1993 Toyota Celicajon in tennesseeDec 20, 2009