2000 toyota premio
2000 toyota premio
2000 toyota premio
2000 toyota premio
2000 toyota premio
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2000 Toyota Premio weak shock absorbers on the front wheels problems in Taiwan

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Date:October 17, 2011, 8:58 am
Name:Fred Adurodija
Location:Taiwan, T'ai-wan, Hsinchu
Vehicle:Toyota Premio
Problems:I have a 2000 toyota premio Corona. The front wheels suspension or shock absorbers appears weak and tends to bounce up and down with slight push down by a single hand or driving on the road with some bumps. Where do I get it fixed with the right parts and how much will it cost. I also need an owners manual for this car. How do I obtain a copy?

Thank you.
Previous car:Toyota Corolla
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January 4, 2012, 9:13 am  from: Herbert Kingazi
Am Herbert From Tanzania, i have been using toyota cars almost for 10 years now started with toyota cressida, cresta, corolla 100, corolla 110,toyota spacio and toyota Corona Premio now. I WONDER WHY THE ANTERIOR WHEELS AND SHOCK UP ARE NOT COMFORTABLE AND MAKING SOME NOISES. I TRIED TO VISIT AN AUTHORISED MECHANICAL TO CHECK BUT THEY WERE GOOD, IS THAT THE WAY THEY WERE MADE??? ENGINE IS GOOOD I LIKE IT.
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