1998 suzuki vitara
1998 suzuki vitara
1998 suzuki vitara
1998 suzuki vitara
1998 suzuki vitara
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1998 Suzuki Vitara vehicle engine revs increases but vehicle speed reduces,it stalls problems

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Date:April 1, 2010, 12:35 am
Name:sarwan kumar sharma
Location:Fiji, Central, Suva
Vehicle:Suzuki Vitara
General comments:My vehicle model is (chassis No: JSAFTL520V)Engine No: J20A,Engine Capacity-1995,Automatic Transmission.

The problem started just about 2 weeks ago,I dont think that there is a tranmission problem as because sometimes the vehicle runs so smooothly without giving any problems.
Problems:when vehicle is driven sometimes the rev. increses but the vehicle speed reduces,it feels that it sometimes disengages with the gear and again gets engages,I have chaged the transmission fluid and had the strainer of the transmission cleaned(no trace of dirts,and also while driving I switched the Overdrive button off but the indicator light gets on n off when only the vehicle starts to do the problem.
Previous car:Toyota Prado

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