2005 suzuki swift
2005 suzuki swift
2005 suzuki swift
2005 suzuki swift
2005 suzuki swift
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2005 Suzuki Swift oxygen sensor problems

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Date:August 3, 2011, 5:37 am
Name:R .Gunasekara
Location:Sri Lanka, southern, Galle
Vehicle:Suzuki Swift
Problems:I have experienced check engine my vehicle. Car was scanned for finding a fault. Scanner reported that malfunction of Oxygen sensor. It was replaced by using a new sensor. However, still check engine light on. Vehicle was scanned again to find out the reason. It said sensor is ok but there is non liner fuel mixing. I checked the quality of the emission gas.Actually there were lot of hydro carbon and carbon monoxide. It means fuels is not functioning well. Now i want to know what i will have to do next and i have some doubt about the new sensor.
MY questions are
1)Is there a place to by a new original sensor/ recondition are ok
2) how much the prize of it.
3) is there any method to correct this fault with out replace the newly attached sensor ( I already did engine tuneup)
Please help me some one
my contact number is 0779700012

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June 27, 2012, 2:43 pm  from: Earl Neiden
have you measure the sensors with a digital multimeter?

you should measure both oxygen sensors, at the two black cables.

Note: not all scanners can read all codes

I think they replaced the wrong one
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