2002 suzuki swift
2002 suzuki swift
2002 suzuki swift
2002 suzuki swift
2002 suzuki swift
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2002 Suzuki Swift oil leak in car model la-ht51s (manual transmission problems

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Date:April 29, 2011, 7:18 pm
Name:Mahinda De Silva
Location:Sri Lanka, Western, Colombo
Vehicle:Suzuki Swift
General comments:car was maintained very well sevicing at proper time.Have been using "Visco 3000" engine oil.
Problems:when the car is parked in my garage over-night after running for about 10km, I have noticed considerable amount of oil on paper kept on floor below the engine block (may be about 2 to 3 table spoons).Oil appears to be almost colourless.
When I inspected by holding a mirror underneath the leak,I found some oil leaking round an "Allen key type bolt" fitted to the front vertical side of block perpendicularly (i.e. horizontally)behind the oil filter.
I am unable to say whether it is engine oil or gear oil or any other fluid.How to locate the position of gear box?
Can it be due to excess engine oil (above top mark of dip stick)?
Previous car:nissan sunney B11

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