1990 suzuki jimny
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1990 Suzuki Jimny smokey when the engine run for about 10kms. when engine starts to run for a few kilometers the engine check on the magic eye indicates and the engine begine to smokey problems

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Date:May 18, 2010, 6:18 am
Location:Philippines, NEgros Occidental, Talisay
Vehicle:Suzuki Jimny
Modification:suzuki beaver jimny
Problems:i have a suzuki jimny beaver, 4 x 4 f6a angine turbo. my problem is that when the engine start to heat up, i mean running for about few kilometers the magic eye check engine indicates and the engine begin to smokey. it seems the engine cannot easily burn the fuel. pls kindly help me... we have no service area of suzuki here in our place. thanks
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