2003 suzuki every landy
2003 suzuki every landy
2003 suzuki every landy
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2003 Suzuki Every Landy gear problem

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Date:June 9, 2011, 7:17 pm
Location:pakistan, pukhtunkhwa, peshawar
Vehicle:Suzuki Every Landy
General comments:it runs smooth ...i like it the most,if this problem gets solved then it will be my favourite van in real.thanks
sir we currently have suzuki avery mini van model 2003.sir i want to know whether it has 4 or 5 gears in the automatic gear box[automatic transmission].sir when we run it,it reaches upto the third gear and not furthur and also why it does not jump to the 4th or fifth gear. can you please detect the problem and give us the solution for that.thanks
Previous car:toyota corolla model 1986
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